Forest Inform Pty Ltd provides "Land Logic Services" that combine government agencies' and stakeholders’ decision rules with accurate spatial data to resolve forest land use conflicts, integrate regional development, prepare conservation plans, and Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+).
Elsen, P. R., E. C. Saxon, et al. (2021). Accelerated shifts in terrestrial life zones under rapid climate change. Global Change Biology 

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Land Systems of Indonesia and New Guinea (data)

  • The Land Systems of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea are a unification of the land units from the Regional Physical Planning Project for Transmigration (RePPProT) in Indonesia, with the land units of the Papua New Guinea Resource Information System (PNGRIS). The data was then updated using SRTM elevation data.
  • Download data and/or make a map with Data Basins's web mapping tool : LINK

Taninthayi Atlas (maps)

  • This collection of maps is intended to serve two purposes. First, it provides general readers and students with an overview of the physical and economic geography of Taninthayi Region and Myanmar. Second, it provides forest agencies, communities, civil society organizations, businesses and researchers with a gateway to the immense amount of very detailed map data currently available online.
  • Download full version at high resolution from the Myanmar Land, Agribusiness, and Forestry Forum (MYLAFF) document repository (Requires registration): LINK
  • Or download a low resolution version directly here:LINK

Saxon, E.C., Neuzil, S.G., Biladi, D.B.C., Kinser, J., Sheppard, S.M. (2021) 3D mapping of lowland coastal peat domes in Indonesia. Mires and Peat, 27:04  doi: 10.19189/MaP.2019.OMB.StA.1912